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With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Health Plan Management Group delivers the best group health benefits solutions. We employ an honest and transparent approach to providing personalized customer service.

Meet Our Team

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Joel Heman, Consultant

Joel Heman has over 10 years of experience providing benefit solutions to Missouri school districts. SMBC was designed based on Joel’s passion for providing a better benefit for school employees at an affordable price for the district long-term. This passion comes from the 13 years Joel spent as a teacher in Missouri public schools.


Prior to becoming a consultant, Joel was the Missouri state manager for American Fidelity Educational Services. American Fidelity served over 280 Missouri school districts during his tenure which gave him unique insight into the various benefit offerings in Missouri schools.  


Joel is a graduate of Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. He also holds a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Lindenwood University.


Joel’s primary focus is providing benefit solutions to public schools including cost control strategies, ACA guidance, benefit platform solutions and benefit communication planning and implementation.


Jeff White, Consultant

Jeff White has over 14 years of experience designing self-funded plans for southwest Missouri employers. Jeff has a proven track record of delivering long-term rate stability for his clients. His passion for serving clients with an innovative approach has made him a known expert in the area.


Prior to creating HPMG, Jeff was a consultant with Employee Benefits Designs and Barker Phillips Jackson specializing in self-funded employer group health plans. His hard work and dedication to his clients has made him a leader in the industry.


Jeff is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Management.


Jeff’s primary focus is providing benefit solutions to employers at an affordable rate by utilizing unique cost savings techniques.

Derrick Hutsell, School District Consultant

Derrick has over 26 years of experience working within Missouri school districts. As a licensed agent, he has been consulting with SMBC from inception.


Prior to working with HPMG, Derrick served as superintendent for 16 years.


Derrick is a graduate of Missouri State University and received his doctorate from Lindenwood University.


Derrick’s primary focus is to communicate with each district and provide feedback from members on ideas and ways to improve the program. His school district experience has been instrumental in the development and growth of SMBC.  


Jen Campbell, Account Manager

Jen Campbell has over 8 years of experience providing exceptional customer service as an account manager. Jen is the day to day contact for plan administrators and employees. She thrives on helping everyone understand their employee benefits.


Prior to working with HPMG, Jen served as an account manager for over 8 years and has experience with individual, small, and medium group policies.


Jen’s primary focus is utilizing her knowledge and understanding as a client administrator to assist employees and HR staff with all facets of insurance benefits.

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Lynn Conway, Account Manager

Lynn has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, with the last 7 years exclusively working with Missouri public schools. Lynn is the day to day contact for bill reconciliation, enrollment assistance, onboarding and training.


Prior to working with HPMG, Lynn served as an account manager for over 10 years and has experience working for both carriers and brokers.


Lynn’s primary focus is providing support to employees and HR staff by working with members and medical providers to answer benefit questions and assist with billing and claims resolution.

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Jennifer Smith, Benefits Analyst

Jennifer has over 15 years of data analysis experience. She reviews daily claims, provides reporting, and tracks data for each group. Jennifer’s role monitoring claims data has proven successful in saving our client’s money.


Prior to working with HPMG, Jennifer served in business administration for over 20 years, including marketing, finance, reporting, claims and patient review and operations leadership.


Jennifer is a graduate of Truman State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Marketing and Management.


Jennifer’s primary focus is supporting groups with claims and data monitoring, reporting, and customer service to ensure each self-funded health plan is running well.

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BJ Sterling, School District Specialist

BJ has over 30 years of experience in public education. She is instrumental in assisting district benefit and human resources staff with their employee benefit program.


Prior to working with HPMG, BJ has served as a school social worker, superintendent’s secretary, school board secretary and accounts payable specialist.


BJ is a graduate of Central Missouri State with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work.


BJ’s primary focus is providing support to school districts with billing, payroll and other central office functions related to insurance benefits with a concierge style service model.


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